Christmas set

I have made this holiday greetings set for promotion purposes of my illustration and design studio.

The composition consists of 9 drawings with ornaments that remind of winter's frost pattern on windows. I decided to break one composition into a set of nine because this way I can use it more flexibly: rearrange elements, post continuously on different social media channels, transform the drawings into diverse print-ready materials, etc.

There are three Christmas themes that I wanted to show in my concept: family, traditions and time together. In the first row of the elements, we see the Christmas tree and its decorations. These drawings represent the tradition of decorating the tree. The second row is about presents and greetings, and showing attention and care to each other. And the last line hints on family dinner when everybody gathers up to enjoy each other's company.

I used three main colors in this design: red, turquoise and gold. Golden and red colors are traditionally used in Christmas themes and decorations. I chose this particular tint of red because the Pantone color of 2019 is living coral, so I adjusted my red as close to the coral color as possible. The turquoise is the complementary color to the red in both temperature and tint, it is here also to be a supportive color and to represent the cold season.

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