Separate waste for recycling

personal project

This project was about making illustrations out of messages and rules of the public interior of the Schiphol airport (in Amsterdam).

Every public interior space, such as an airport or a train station, has a set of messages to communicate to its visitors: audio announcements, texts, rules. A lot of them exist in the form of texts. I proposed a visual approach to the communication of these messages.

This particular message is about separating different types of waste for recycling and throwing them away into the correct compartment of the bin. I have made three variations of this message according to three different areas of the airport: neutral themed for general areas, themed for kids for family areas and adventure themed for arias dedicated to passengers who prefer active and sport vacations.

digital illustrations, made with Adobe Illustrator

This project consists of three parts. Please check out the other two parts by clicking on these pictures.

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