Robot hunter

Character design for a story.

The story is as follows: there is a playground for a hunting game, where people can come together, split into two teams and hunt a special sphere-shaped target-robot with the weapons of their choice. The goal is to find it and hit right in the middle of it as many times as possible. The team that hits the most times wins.

This robot character is one of the standard substitute team-players. It comes into the game in case there are not enough people to form two teams. It can play as a team player with humans, or a team of robots can be formed to play against people. The level of robots' skills can be adjusted to match that of human opponents.

The anatomy of this robot imitates the human anatomy so that it has similar challenges. This robot has some attributes of tribal peoples' outfits because the playground is themed as an area where hunters catch their prey.

digital illustration, made on iPad pro

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